Premium Systems
The MtGravatt Plumber Parts Only warrant any premium system purchase to the original purchaser for 10 years (120 months)
1. The Mt Gravatt Plumber ("The Warrantor”) makes no claims or offers no warranties other that those detailed herein. The benefits of this warranty are in addition to all other rights and remedies covering the product line under the Trade Practices Act (CTH) 1974.

2. This warranty is available only to original purchasers of new packaged water purifier. It does not extend to the resale of second-hand or demonstration models, or to alternative brand or unbranded goods, or to any replacement parts, cartridges, or components, manufactured by and/or sold by The Mt Gravatt Plumber.

3. This Parts Only warrantee applies for a period of 120 months (Premium models)from the date of purchase of our product, from an authorised dealer, against defect in material of workmanship. If the customer fails to have the water filter systems serviced within 3 Months after the appropriate recommended time of service (Yearly from date of purchase) the Parts only warrantee will be void.

4. The following damages and defects are excluded from this warranty to the extent that they are the result of acts of the purchaser, or persons other than the warrantor.· Repairs or modifications attempted by personnel not authorised by the warrantor.· Damage or impaired performance resulting from misuse, abuse, breakage, neglect of servicing at the appropriate times (yearly) or accident.

5. This warranty does not cover:-· Disposable in-line filters or any cartridges or membranes· Loss, expense or damage caused by use on water supplies in excess of 35 degrees C.· Loss, expense or damage caused by freezing .· Loss, expense or damage caused by failure to use a suitable pressure limiting/anti-hammer device.. External components to the main filter system, such as -pressure limiting devices, transformers, ball valves, mains connection systems, these are manufacturer warranty. Does not include Labour for one of our Plumbing technicians to make repairs to a Water Filter System. Parts only.

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